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Cameron “Lloyd Luther” Johnson is a Rap Artist and Producer from Leicester City, UK. Originally born in London Stretham, later he moved to the midlands where he grew up in Leicester till present. Influenced by a wide range of music, centered on UK Rap but also influenced by Daft Punk and Massive Attack, Lloyd originally wanted to be a cartoon artist. However, on his brother’s PC he had a pirated version of Fruity Loops production software.. He would rush home from school to make music, spurring on a career of music production. Having studied production and shared bars with mates, Luther began to take his music more seriously. Transitioning from remixing other artists to making his own beats and began laying his own bars over the top.

A brush with death in hospital gave him the impetus to get his work out there more urgently and not worry about what others think – to remain true to himself became the higher goal. He has an uncompromising, relentless delivery showing a deep knowledge of the subjects he tackles, from science, philosophy, politics and history, as well as a wit in using cultural references.

One of his early tracks – ‘Drugs on Tap’ – a diatribe on the state of the medicine industry, was used in the soundtrack for Netflix’s series ‘Top Boy’. This marked Lloyd Luther’s entrance into mainstream rap culture, where he has cemented his reputation among the UK rap scene.

You can watch ‘Drugs On Tap’ below…